Round Vent 18 inch with nail flange
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18" Round Louvered Gable Vent

size: 18" circle

Depth: 1"

Flange: front flange (1.5" nail flange)

Trim face: 2.5" caps

Louvers: 1" face

Spacing: 1" louver spacing

Net Free: 72 square inch

Mount: wall exterior

Screen: vinyl screen

shape: round / circle

product: vent

18" round vent

This round vent 18" fits an 18 inch round opening.  The front nail flange of one and a half inch is all the way around the face of the vent.  This makes the face of the round vent a 20 1/2 inch circle.  The back of the round vent is a 17 1/2 inches circle.  In marking your opening for a round vent, use a large piece of paper on the back of the vent and mark the outer edges.  Next, place the paper on the wall where you want the vent and mark the wall the same.  Then, cut your opening size a bit larger for the vent to slide in.  With a 1" vent wall or 1 inch vent depth, the round vent will not require the cutting of any studs. 

If you are in need another size other than an 18" round vent, you can go back to the common measures round vents to choose another size.  But if your measure is not listed, use the exact measure round vents to order any size you need.

This is a functional round vent if you choose vented.  But if you need a non functional round vent, just choose non vented.  Instead of a vinyl screen, we will apply a black metal to the back of the round vent to look like a screen.

All round vents ship in a wood box to ensure safe delivery.  And how fast do you need a round vent?  Depending on where you are, all round vents are at your door in 1 to 2 weeks.

The face of these round vents is smooth, not like the other vents you may have seen that look like a pie crust. 

18 round vent nail flange


  • Item #: 18ffrlgv1
  • Manufacturer: Onyx Xteriors
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 18ffrlgv1
  • Condition: New

18" Round Louvered Vent with nail flange

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