2017 Updates

2017 Updates:

Onyx Xteriors has been manufacturing aluminum products for homes since 1996.  In 2016, their product, aluminum gable vents, went through a huge remodel.  The .019 aluminum used to manufacture the larger gable vents needed extra bonding straps to hold the louvers straight.  The lightweight aluminum was becoming an issue.  So, everyone at Onyx Xteriors came together for a solution. 

The bottom of the louvers were changed to a 4 fold with a double hem on the back.  This gave the louvers the strength to stand straight on their own for up to 6 foot on the 1” deep gable vents, up to 12 foot on the 4” deep gable vents and up to 16 foot on the 6” deep gable vents.  These louvers have twice the aluminum in each louver than any other manufacturer.

Bringing the strongest .019 aluminum gable vents to the market was a team effort and a great example of how their products are continuously being improved on, even if there is little room for improvement. 

The great news is the contractor grade louvered gable vents are now back on the menu.  This year, the contractor grade or economically priced gable vents were brought back with a few changes also. 

Other than being a great low price, these gable vents have real open louvers as they are a real louvered gable vent.  Some gable vents purchased elsewhere may be a machine pressed aluminum with tiny slits or holes for venting.  These do not even look like a gable vent.  Onyx Xteriors wanted to make a construction gable vent that appears to be a real louvered vent.  Taking the patterns manufactured many times, they were able to down grade the amount of aluminum used in the product, speed up production time and reduce the cost of these gable vents. 

Also added this year was the raised panel aluminum shutters.  Onyx Xteriors has had 3 slat shutters and louvered shutters available for years.  The louvered shutters even have individual open louvers like a wood shutter does.  But the building of an aluminum raised panel shutter was allusive to them.  But, once everyone got together to solve this problem, the raised panel aluminum shutter was born.  The shutter sports a color coated aluminum exterior and has a foam filled core making it dent resistant.

But, we cannot forget the true star product of Onyx Xteriors.  The aluminum half round window trim.  Most contractors will tell you that wood half round window trim cannot be wrapped with aluminum to look good.  Some try and cut tiny pieces and glue them around the top of the trim, piecing it together.  It never turns out the way the customer wants.  But the extruded aluminum half round window trim from Onyx Xteriors is a one piece application.  You enter your measures and Onyx Xteriors makes the aluminum trim in one piece for you to snap onto your wood trim and seal it off.  Sounds simple?  It is.  To this date, Onyx Xteriors is the only manufacturer of many of these aluminum products.  Some say they manufacture these hard to find products because they appreciate the contractors and all their hard work installing them.  Simply, the main goal of Onyx Xteriors is to provide aluminum products that are easier to install or make the installer’s job easier and quicker and make the custom products that are impossible to find, easier to find.

Triangle Louver Vent 72 x 30 x 3.5 pitch 10/12 front flange 18" x 36" In Brick Striated Half Round Window Trim Aluminum
72" x 30" x 4" Triangle Louvered Gable Vent 10/12 front flange18" x 36" In Brick Striated Half Round Window Trim Aluminum

Aluminum Triangle Gable Vent

Opening: 72” x 30”

Depth: 3.5" vent wall

Vent base: 6 foot

Pitch: 10-12 roof pitch or angle

18" x 36" In Brick Striated Half Round Window Trim Aluminum size: 18" height x 36" width Depth: 1 1/2" Trim face: 2" Fits: standard 18" x 36" half round window Outer measures: 20" x 40" brick opening (can be trimmed to fit) Mount: trim exterior...