4/12 pitch Triangle Louvered Gable Vent Signature Series

Now, what flange do you need for your 4/12 gable vent

4/12 triangle gable vents

Shop this selection of 4/12 pitch triangle gable vents in the triangle louvered gable vent department of Onyx Xteriors.  These are based off the gable vent base length measure.

Instead of packing thousands of triangle gable vents on one page in a random order for you to hunt through, we categorized them to help you chose the right gable vent and to have all the options offered to you for each triangle gable vent.  You may want a nail fin.  Should the nail fin be on the back or the front of the triangle gable vent?  You may want a standard 4" depth vent wall or just a 1".  If we slap all the triangle gable vents into one category or page, you may spend hours looking.  But this allows you to get the triangle vent you want and get to checkout in less than a minute.  Ordering a gable vent does not need to be a chore.  It chould be as simple as click, click, done.

A 4/12 pitch triangle gable vent is used on low slope roofs as the gable will portray a low pitch.  We can manufacture lower sloped triangle vents, but we suggest for there to be any ventillation, make sure you order a large enough or wide enough triangle gable vent to justify the space.  The 24" 4/12 is only available in the 1" depth because of the deeper vents will have no ventillation.  The 24" and 36" are not available in the 6 inch depth.  Same issue, no ventillation.  The louvers are placed on a 45 degree angle that on a deeper gable vent, the louver rises too much for there to be any space left for the air to get through the gable vent.

The standard sizes for a 4/12 pitch triangle gable vent are as follows:

24" x 4" triangle gable vents on a 4/12 pitch for an extra small wall opening 2 foot base 

36" x 6" triangle gable vents on a 4/12 pitch for a small gable wall 3 foot base bottom

48" x 8" triangle gable vents on a 4/12 pitch for an average small vent 4 foot base across

60" x 10" triangle gable vents on a 4/12 pitch for an average size vent 5 foot base length

72" x 12" triangle gable vents on a 4/12 pitch for a good size gable vent 6 foot base measure

84" x 14" triangle gable vents on a 4/12 pitch for good venting 7 foot base width

96" x 16" triangle gable vents on a 4/12 pitch for a large triangle vent 8 foot base across the bottom

108" x 18" triangle gable vents on a 4/12 pitch for greater venting 9 foot base or bottom

120" x 20" triangle gable vents on a 4/12 pitch for an extra large triangle gable vent 10 foot base wide

These are not 2 step triangles gable vents.  These are all custom made when you order.  A 2 step gable vent refers to the patterns used to manufacture the vent or triangle shape.  These gable vent patterns have limitations that restrict the manufacturer from making any changes to the pattern.  So, these measures are the only measures they can make a triangle gable vent.  

Since, we custom make every gable vent, we do not rely only on patterns.  If you need to add or subtract any option, we can handle that.  If you need an odd size or a really specific size, we can do that too.