5/12 pitch Triangle Louvered Gable Vent Signature Series

Now, what flange do you need for your 5/12 triangle gable vent

5/12 gable vent

We offer all the standard and common size 5/12 pitch triangle gable vents. Just choose and order the gable vent that best suits your needs. Your 5/12 triangle vent will be made with the options you choose and shipped to you.  All our triangle gable vents are 100% aluminum with all aluminum components except for the screen, which is vinyl.  These triangle louvered vents have no wearable components such as vinyl or wooden frames.  Even the frame o the triangle vent is alumnum.  

The whole goal of our Signature Series triangle gable vents is to give the strength and stability of a galvanized gable vent, but the longer lasting lifetime of an aluminum gable vent.  These triangle louvered vents are of the strongest and longest lasting .019 alumium gable vents.  This is not a brag, just a fact.

The standard sizes for a 5/12 gable vent are as follows:

24" x 5" triangle gable vent on a 5/12 pitch for an extra small wall opening 2 foot base

36" x 7.5" triangle gable vent on a 5:12 roof for a small gable wall 3 foot base bottom

48" x 10" triangle gable vent on a 5 12 pitched for an average small vent 4 foot base across

60" x 12.5" triangle gable vent on a 5-12 roof line for an average size vent 5 foot base length

72" x 15" triangle gable vent on a 5.12 for a good size gable vent 6 foot base measure

84" x 17.5" triangle gable vent on a 5 in 12 gable for good venting 7 foot base width

96" x 20" triangle gable vent on a 5 on 12 gable pitch for a large triangle vent 8 foot base across the bottom

108" x 22.5" triangle gable vent vent on a 5 of 12 sloped roof for greater venting 9 foot base or bottom

120" x 25" triangle gable vent on a 5 over 12 angle for an extra large triangle gable vent 10 foot base wide

If you are looking for a 2 step, slapped together triangle gable vent, these are not the triangle gable vents for you.  These are custom crafted all aluminum and made to order 5/12 triangle gable vents with all the add ons you want.  We offer every option under the sun for your triangle gable vent whether it be a 5/12 pitch triangle gable vent.  2 step vents have a tendancy to not fit.  Either the pitch is a little higher or the base a little longer on the louvered vent than the wall opening.