7/12 pitch Triangle Louvered Gable Vent Signature Series

Now, what flange do you need for your 7/12 gable vent

OK.  A 7/12 triangle gable vent measures 7 inches up for every 12 inches across one half of the vent...  Yeah.  How about an easier way?  We have already measured for you and here's a simple listing with tips.

The standard measures of a 7/12 gable vent are as follows:

24" x 7" louvered vent on a 7/12 pitch for an extra small wall opening 2 foot base

36" x 10.5" triangle vent on a 7:12 roof for a small gable wall 3 foot base bottom

48" x 14" gable vent on a 7 12 pitched for an average small vent 4 foot base across

60" x 17.5" gable vent triangle on a 7-12 roof line for an average size vent 5 foot base length

72" x 21" louvered vent on a 7.12 for a good size gable vent 6 foot base measure

84" x 24.5" triangle louver on a 7 in 12 gable for good venting 7 foot base width

96" x 28" triangle attic vent on a 7 on 12 gable pitch for a large triangle vent 8 foot base across the bottom

108" x 31.5" attic vent on a 7 of 12 sloped roof for greater venting 9 foot base or bottom

120" x 35" triangle louvered vent on a 7 over 12 angle for an extra large triangle gable vent 10 foot base wide

There are no rough metal edges on these aluminum gable vents.  The more sharp edges on a metal vent, the more the chance of the installer getting cut.  All the edges on these metla gable vents are hemmed over to give a smooth, finished edge.  Installing a gable vent is already a hassle, you don't need extra raw metal to make your job harder.  

This not your typical aluminum triangle gable vent.  It has everything you need to make your install easier.  The metal louvers are affixed to the gable vent wall at a 45 degree angle and mounted on a rail.  The metal vent louvers are folded to 4 layers of aluminum on the front and hemmed twice on the back.