Triangle Louver Vent 84 x 35 x 3.5 pitch 10/12 front flange

84" x 35" x 4" Triangle Louvered Gable Vent

10/12 pitch front flange



Shape: triangle / triangular

Style: louvered / slatted

Application location: gable / attic

Operation: vent / exhaust


Vent measures

Width: dimensional ½” smaller

Height: 34.5”

Opening: 84” x 35”

Depth: 3.5" vent wall

Vent base: 7 foot

Pitch: 10-12 roof pitch or angle


Gable Vent flange info

Flange: front nail fin flange

Coverage: 1.5” on gable wall

Trim face: 2.5" (1” on vent)

(Vinyl siding, hardie, wood siding, roof,

Brick, outside attic or gable wall)


Vent wall

Composition: 3 layers of aluminum minimum

Framing: aluminum rail system (no wood)


Louvers or slats

Face: 1" up

Depth: 3.25”

Spacing: 1.5" open between slats

Style: 4 fold Signature Series Louvers


Gable vent composition

Material: .019 aluminum trim coil (metal)

Finish options: PVC coated or baked on finish

(PVC coated metal is paintable)

Color options: your choice of color finish


Installation options

Mount through aluminum nail flange

Mount through metal vent wall into gable wall

Vent fasteners: nails or screws (not included)



Vented: attic gable vent is functional

Unless you choose non vented

Net free air: 739 square inch apx.


Pest prevention

Screen: black vinyl screen 1 layer

Wire mesh: optional (call for quote)

For keeping out bats, birds and squirrels


Maintenance free vents

No painting required

No rust

No wood to rot out

No staples


10:12 Triangle Louvered Aluminum Gable Vent 84x35x4 with nail fin


Need an odd size? The exact measure 4” triangle gable vent page will allow you to put your own measures in.


84" x 35" x 4" Triangle Louvered Gable Vent 10/12 front flange

  • Manufacturer: Onyx Xteriors
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 1012ff84x35tlgv35
  • Condition: New

84" x 35" x 4" Triangle Louvered Gable Vent 10/12 front flange

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