Common Sizes Square Louvered Gable Vent Signature Series

Now choose the flange you need your square / rectangular louvered gable vent.

In all our square / rectangular gable vent listings, we list the width first and the height second.  Just in case you like ordering with height first, we have converted these measures for you.

height x width square / rectangle gable vents

16" x 12" square louvered gable vents

15" x 15" square gable vent

18" x 12" rectangle louvered gable vent

18" x 14" retangle gable vents

20" x 15" squared gable vent

24" x 12" rectangular gable vents

24" x 14" squared louvered gable vents

24" x 18" rectangular louvered gable vent

26" x 20" square vents

36" x 12" rectangle vent

24" x 24" right angle square gable vent

30" x 20" right angle rectangle gable vent

30" x 24" gable vent

36" x 24" louvered gable vents

36" x 36" square louvered

12" x 12" square louvered gable vent

Order your square / rectangular louvered gable vent here from Onyx Xteriors, no hassle.  Our "build your gable vent on line" program has made it so much easier to find the rectangular or square gable vent you need.  We do not dump all our gable vent products on one page and expect you to hunt through to possibly find your square or rectangle vent.