Front flange 5/12 Triangle Gable Vent Signature Series

What vent wall depth do you need for your 5/12 gable vent

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Here are the attic vent choices for your 5/12 triangle gable vent front flange attached.  Standard triangle attic vent measures increase by 1 foot increments for the base of the attic air vent.  The average size triangles are listed below.

The standard sizes for a 5/12 gable vent are as follows:

24" x 5" front flange triangle louvered vent on a 5/12 pitch for an extra small wall opening 2 foot base

36" x 7.5" nail fin louvered vent on a 5:12 roof for a small gable wall 3 foot base bottom

48" x 10" nail flange triangle vent on a 5 12 pitched for an average small vent 4 foot base across

60" x 12.5" flanged gable vent on a 5-12 roof line for an average size vent 5 foot base length

72" x 15" with nail flange gable vent triangle on a 5.12 for a good size gable vent 6 foot base measure

84" x 17.5" front fin louvered vent on a 5 in 12 gable for good venting 7 foot base width

96" x 20" nail fin flange triangle louver on a 5 on 12 gable pitch for a large triangle vent 8 foot base across the bottom

108" x 22.5" front nailer triangle attic vent on a 5 of 12 sloped roof for greater venting 9 foot base or bottom

120" x 25" flush mount attic vent on a 5 over 12 angle for an extra large triangle gable vent 10 foot base wide

Mounting a triangle attic vent flush to the wall from the front of the attic vent flange is quick and easy.  In most cases it won't even need a sealant since the base of the vent is also a nail fin that covers the siding.

When using this attic vent as a roof vent on the roof top, make sure the shingles extend well under the roof vent or use a metal flashing before installing the roof vent.  Trim boards should be placed over the upper flange to protect the roof vent from water intrusion.