Front flange 6/12 Triangle Gable Vent Signature Series

What vent wall depth do you need for your 6/12 gable vent

Shop our selection of 6/12 triangle gable vents, attic vent louvers in the front flange triangle gable vents / attic vents department, section at Onyx Xteriors.

Onyx Xteriors offers all standard 6/12 louvered gable vents with a front nail fin.  These aluminum gable vents arrive at your door ready to install.  Whether you need a standard size louvered gable vent or an odd size, it is available here.

6/12 gable vent standard sizes are as follows:
on a 6/12 pitch for an extra small wall opening 2 foot base 24" x 6" triangle louvered vent
for a small gable wall 3 foot base bottom 36" x 9" louvered vent on a 6:12 roof
for an average small vent 4 foot base across 48" x 12" triangle vent on a 6 12 pitched
an average size vent 5 foot base length 60" x 15" gable vent on a 6-12 roof line
a good size gable vent 6 foot base measure 72" x 18" gable vent triangle on a 6.12
good venting 7 foot base width 84" x 21" louvered vent on a 6 in 12 gable
large triangle vent 8 foot base across the bottom 96" x 24" triangle louver on a 6 on 12 gable pitch
greater venting 9 foot base or bottom 108" x 27" triangle attic vent on a 6 of 12 sloped roof
extra large triangle gable vent 10 foot base wide 120" x 30" attic vent on a 6 over 12 angle

When choosing a louvered gable vent with a 2 ft, 3 ft, 4 ft, 5 ft, 6 ft, 7 ft, 8 ft, 9 ft or 10 ft base based upon a 6 in 12 pitch, we will provide the appropriate height measure of the louvered vent.  This will take a worry off you.