Half Round Trim

Feel free to use the new site to order your half round trim ventgable.com

Shop our selection of round, rounded, circular window trim in the half round window trim department of Onyx Xteriors.  This arched window trim is aluminum and available in the same color of your other window trim.

Striated half round aluminum trim has roll formed striations to match wood brick mold or the tapco break buddy.  The smooth half round aluminum window trim has a smooth face to match any flat cap style window wrapping.  The colors we list are to match the color aluminum coil you use to wrap the other windows on the house.  If your color is not listed, just type it in the comments box.  

Do you need an elliptical or eyebrow aluminum window trim?  Yep, we do that too.  It requires a template showing the existing window trim and takes a little longer to process, but it is well worth the wait to permanently protect your wood window trim.

Half Round Trim Aluminum Video

You can now wrap your half round window trim to match your other window trim.  Just send us the measures.