Purchasing Problems

Purchasing Problems:

As more and more gable vent companies arise, you may ask who you should buy from.  The first company to set foot through your door and give a sales pitch may look good.  A product you need for your customers and it quickly fills your sales void.  You can now give your customers their entire list of needed products to complete their project and they love you for it.

A customer may forgive one dented up gable vent order but at some point, they will begin to get frustrated and start looking elsewhere to find their metal accessories.  If the “elsewhere” also sells the siding or roofing they need and they can get better gable vents from them, you just lost a customer.

Sometimes, the salesman or the name of the gable vent is all you are actually buying for your customer.  The salesman is not going to be your gable vent, so why purchase the salesman?  The best thing in this situation is not to jump in with both feet and assume people mean “the best gable vent” just because they say that.  Words are just words. 

By doing a little research, you can find reviews of their products.  Can this be helpful?  As long as the company is truthful and did not write the reviews themselves.  Sometimes it is hard to tell. 

Ask for other distributors of their products information to physically call and ask about their customer product reviews.  If the distributor has had orders beat up from shipping or rough cut product edges, you may not want to use that gable vent manufacturer.

The BBB is also a pretty good research platform.  They do not take paid or company falsified reviews.  Onyx Xteriors has an A+ with the BBB.

To check the quality of a gable vent, it is usually right there in your face.  The vent will appear to have been professionally put together or not.  Rough edges or rough cuts can be a sign of the manufacturer lacking quality control.  Louvers not lined up or sagging or even popping loose can also be an indication of the lack of quality. 

Shipping a metal gable vent is not a complicated issue to get the product from manufacturing to the distributor.  Onyx Xteriors has never had a damaged product from shipping in a wooden crate / box.  Trying to ship the metal gable vents openly or with just a 2 x 2 across the bottom of the vent is just not enough for being rattled around in a truck.  Or for a forklift to not dent the product.  Also, if the gable vent is too heavy to be lifted by the louvers, you leave this option open for the delivery person to grab a louver as a handle and dent.

Once you have enough complaints about one manufacturer, do you still sell their vents because you have no other avenue or do you go looking for a better gable vent company?  Waiting on the right salesman to walk through your door may be too late.  Manufacturers do not always have the time to send salesmen to every distributor’s door. 

Salesmen are sent out for two reasons.  The company is trying to be respectful to meet the businesses and expand on their existing distributor list.  The other reason is they are desperate to get sales as they are not financially stable enough to bear this burden.  These salesmen are under paid and make pricing deals way under price specs.  This tends to drive product prices down, but they are usually selling substandard products.  When comparing the price of a product from one manufacturer to another, quality plays a huge part in the pricing.  Cheap products usually means cheap quality.  Cheap quality may cost you a high dollar customer. 

The customer may complain about the higher priced product, but would you prefer to hear his complaining as he pays for his order or hear the silence as he walks out the door to buy his gable vents elsewhere?


Round Vent 30 inch with nail flange 22" x 32" no flange Tombstone Louver Gable Vent 3.5"
30" Round Louvered Vent with nail flange22" x 32" no flange Tombstone Louver Gable Vent 3.5"

30" Round Louvered Gable Vent

size: 30" circle

Depth: 1"

Flange: front flange

22" x 32" Tombstone Louver Gable Vent size: 22" width x 32" height Depth: 3.5" Flange: no flange Trim face: 1" caps Louvers: 1" face Spacing: 1.5" louver spacing Net Free: 234 square inch Mount: wall exterior or brick insert Screen: vinyl screen