Signature Series Louvered Gable Vents

Now, choose the shape you want for your Signature Series louvered gable vent

Standing outside your home looking at the curb appeal.  Rusty galvanized gable vents are not what you want to see.  These are aluminum louvered gable vents that will look great on your home for a lifetime.  Homes have enough worry wrapped up in them.  Louvered gable vents should not be one of them.

We offer triangle louvered gable vents, square, round, octagon, tombstone, cathedral, half round and more.  You choose the shape louvered gable vent you want.  

The shape you choose can add style and curb appeal to your home.  Each of these louvered gable vents can be placed in the middle of the gable wall or close to the roof peak.  

The Signature Series louvered gable vents sport all the bells and whistles for an aluminum louvered gable vent.  The 4 fold louvers with a double hem on the back and mounted on a rail.  The triple vent wall.  And all edges hemmed on the gable vent for a very nice finish.  The triple layer vent wall allows you more mounting options too.  Standard gable vents limit you to drilling or nailing through the nail flange.  But now you can hide your fasteners behind the louvers by screwing right through the vent wall.  This gives the louvered gable vent a cleaner look and may not need any extra trim around it to finish it off.  

The hemmed edges reduce the likely hood of you getting cut on any rough edges of the gable vent.  It also makes sealing the vent off easier, if it needs sealed.  The louvers are balanced for maximum spacing for more net free air and maximum stoppage from water intrusion.  Each depth louvered gable vent will have a different louver spacing.  Deeper louvered vents will have more space between the louvers. 

When replacing an old louvered gable end vent or installing a new aluminum louvered gable vent, consideration should be taken as to how long the gable vent will last.  You should only have to install it once and never have to worry about your louvered gable vent again.  When a louvered gable vent is manufactured properly, it will last a lifetime.

As it is impossible to place a square gable vent into a round hole, choosing the correct shape vent is extremely important.

These are very light weight louvered gable vents, but are still true louvered vents.  They are not a stamped or pressed vent with tiny slots or holes for venting.  The louvers are individual and open as a louvered gable vent should be.  They are also available in contractor packs for you to save even more. All these gable vents are manufactured from .019 aluminum coil stock to match the color metal you are already using.  An aluminum gable vent has many advantages over a vinyl gable vent or a wooden louvered vent.  Wood, of course, rots out.  And vinyl was not really designed to handle the heat coming out of the attic.  The louvers get soft and begin to sag.  But what about a metal louvered gable vent made of galvanized or steal?  Well, honestly, they can rust out.  Even if you keep the gable vent painted, the rust can form under the louver where you can't see it until it's too late.Aluminum gable vents do not rot, rust or heat warp.  And these gable end vent louvers are all mounted on a rail to ensure no pop rivet can ever pop.

Onyx Xteriors uses a wind shear buffer to reduce the effects of vibration on the gable vent.  Movement is what loosens the louver fasteners and causes the louvers to drop.  By adding this buffer to your gable vent, the vent can last an extra 20 years.