Your Measure Square Louvered Gable Vent Signature Series

Now you can choose the depth you need your square louvered gable vent.

Build your square aluminum gable vent here online with Onyx Xteriors and we will deliver it to your jobsite or door step.  Just answer a couple of questions about your square louvered vent and click, click, your gable vent order will be on the way.

So, now the question is what depth your square aluminum gable vent should be.  We offer 1" (is actually 1"), 4" (actually 3 1/2") and 6" ( 5 1/2") deep gable vents standard.  If you need another depth, just let us know.  We custom make all our square vents when you order.  No inventory to sit on a shelf to collect dust.  Who wants a 10 year old gable vent covered in dust because someone forgot to sell it?  I don't.  If I pay full price for a square louvered vent, I want a fresh new one.

Your aluminum gable vent will be manufactured from all American made components in the US.  The 4 fold louver on the aluminum gable vent and the double hem on the back of the aluminum vent adds so much strength.  Then the end of the aluminum louvers are mounted and wrapped around a rail system.  This adds durability to the aluminum.  When choosing your aluminum gable vent, think about how long you want it to last.  I want my aluminum gable vent to last a lifetime.  These aluminum gable vents will do that and then some.  The factory color finish on the gable vent means you will probably never have to paint the aluminum gable vent.

And all the outer edges of the aluminum square gable vent are hemmed over so there are no rough aluminum edges to get cut on.  These are truly top of the line aluminum gable vents, square or rectangle shaped.