Square Louvered Gable Vent Signature Series

Do you want to order with your measure or order a common size square gable vent

Gateway to square gable vents with Onyx Xteriors.  Shop through this huge selection of square gable vents in the square vent department of Onyx Xteriors and find the gable vent that best suits you.

Order your square gable vent online at Onyx Xteriors with ease.  We offer a "build your gable vent online" program to make finding the right square gable vent easy.  Then we ship your louvered square vent to you.  And we have live help if you need it.

The "build your gable vent" asks you a few questions about the options you want on your gable vent.  Then you will enter your needed measures to be calculated right there for you.  If everything is correct, just click "order" and that's it.  Spending all day searching through pages with gable vents jumbled up all over the place is a thing of the past.

We also offer many standard or common square louvered vent sizes.

12" x 12" square gable vent

12" x 16" square gable vents

15" x 15" square gable vent

12" x 18" rectangle gable vent

14" x 18" retangle gable vents

15" x 20" squared gable vent

12" x 24" rectangular gable vents/

14" x 24" squared gable vents

18" x 24" rectangular gable vent

20" x 26" square vents

12" x 36" rectangle vent

24" x 24"  square gable vent

20" x 30"  rectangle gable vent

24" x 30" gable vent

24" x 36" square gable vents

36" x 36" square louvered vent

Yes, these have the 4 flange options and depth and unlimited color options that all our signature series square gable vents have.

As you look around your attic to see where you can easily add ventilation, if you have a window in your attic, you can easily remove the window and replace it with a square gable vent. As these square gable vents are sized 1/2" smaller, they will easily slide into the opening and seal off with minimal effort.