Octagon Louvered Gable Vent Signature Series

Do you want to order by your measure or order a common size octagon gable vent

Aluminum octagon louvered gable vents are at Onyx Xteriors.  You can build your octagon gable vent online or choose from our standard size octagon louvered vents and we will ship direct to you.  No running around all over town to find your gable vent.

You can choose from front, back, j channel or no nail flange and depth's of 1", 4" (3.5") and 6" (5.5") to make your octagon vent yours.  

18" octagon louvered vent to go on your home's exterior wall 

20" octagon vent designed with a smooth face

22" octagon gable vent mounts in a octagon opening

24" octagon vent for your gable wall

27" gable vent octagon for that odd size vent needed

30" octagon or complete symmetrical octagonal vent

32" octagon gable vent fits a 32 inch octagon opening

36" octagon vent for more air flow

48" octagon aluminum vent with a screened back

Everyone knows that an octagon gable vent is shaped like a stop sign, but unlike a stop sign, it tells your hot air to "Go" out of your attic.  The affixed louvers of the octagon vent are of our Signature Series line for the toughest .019 aluminum louvers out there.  

Yes, you can buy a cheaper vinyl vent or even a galvanized one that will need painted every year.  But, installing an louvered vent should be a one time project.  Vinyl was not designed to withstand the heat coming from your attic and as any plastic product, it can melt.  Galvanized can stand the heat, but requires a lot of maintenance to keep it from rusting and eventually falling apart.  Aluminum gable vents do not rust or melt.  But raw aluminum can oxidize.  That is why all our aluminum octagon gable vents come coated in the color of your choice.  The coating is factory and lasts many years longer than any normal paint job.  

"My octagon gable vent is taller than it is wide."  We can do that too.  The measures for the "your measure octagon louvered vent" are broken in half for the width and height.  This allows you to choose how wide and  tall your octagon gable vent should be if it is not a true octagon.