Tombstone Louvered Gable Vent Signature Series

Do you want to order by your measure or order a common size tombstone gable vent

Listed in this category of Tombstone Gable Vents
12" x 24" tombstone louvered gable vent
14" x 22" tombstone gable vent
16" x 24" arched top gable vent
18" x 24" arched top square vent
16" x 36" tombstone attic vent
22" x 32" tombstone gable end vent
And of course, the your measure tombstone louvered vent.  
All these tombstone gable vents have the same great add ons that our other Signature Series gable vents do.  Choice of front, back, no and j channel nail flange.  And the choice of 1", 4" and 6" deep.  Colors, we offer too many to mention.  
The arched or half round top on these seemingly square gable vents is what makes them unique and look like a tombstone.  The radius of the rounded top of the tombstone gable vent is determined by the width of the vent.