Cathedral Louvered Gable Vent Signature Series

Do you want to order by your measure or order a common size cathedral gable vent

 As the cathedral gable vent has no real standard measures, we ony offer your measure to order these gable vents.  The cathedral louvered gable vent is commonly mistaken as a tombstone.  It is not.  The top of a cathedral is pointed like a gable peak not rounded.  The width does not determine the pitch of this gable vent.  Instead, the side height and the center height are the determining factors in the pitch of the cathedral gable vent.  

Order your cathedral louvered gable vent online from Onyx Xteriors with our "build your gable vent on line and we ship it to you" program.  Just answer a few questions about your cathedral gable vent and it will be sent to you in only a few days.

These cathedral louvered vents have the same great options available as all Onyx Xteriors Signature Series Gable Vents do.  Choose from 4 flange options, depths, and any color you want.