Half Round Louvered Gable Vent Signature Series

Do you want to order by your measure or a common size half round gable vent

Choose your half round louvered gable vent by a standard size or by your measures.

22" x 14" Half Round Louvered  Gable Vent

36" x 18" Half Round Gable Vent

34" x 22" Half Circle Louvered  Gable Vent

48" x 24" Rounded Louver Gable Vent

60" x 30" Arched Louvered Gable Vent

Options: front, back, no and j channel mounting flange

Depth: 1 inch, 4 inch (3.5"), 6 inch (5.5")

All a half round gable vent is is a half a circle, usually the top half.  If you need a half round louvered vent bottom half or upside down, just put "bottom half" in the comments box of your order page.  

Order your half round louvered gable vent today from Onyx Xteriors and enjoy all the bells and whistles of a half round gable vent.  No sharp or rough edges.  Smooth rounded face trim.  And any color you want your half round gable vent to be.