Square Contractor Grade Louvered Gable Vents

Choose the flange you need for your contractors grade square gable vent you need.

These contractor grade square louvered gable vents are a simple gable vent, yet they are still real gable vents.  With individual louvers instead of being stamped or pressed, these economical contractor square louvered gable vents are ideal if you just need a cheap square gable vent.  

The louvers have only a single hem on the front.  This limits the size of these contractor grade gable vents.  But it allows you to save money on your contractor square louvered gable vent.  And save even more when you buy a contractor pack.

These are excellent if you are looking for a cheap square gable vent.  The louvers being real louvers, these square gable vents will last many years in comparison to others.  

So, what decides the gable vent grade you choose?  Sometimes the job just calls for an inexpensive gable vent.  If the square opening is small enough so the louvers are not over weighed with the pressure of gravity to buckle under their own weight.   Then, a small contractor square louvered gable vent can be beneficial.  But a larger square opening can require a better grade gable vent.  We offer heavier duty square gable vents too in our Signature Series.  They do cost more, but they are designed to last and not fold under weathered circumstances.  

Square or rectangle contractor square louvered gable vents have the best airflow of all the louvered vent shapes except for the triangle.  

These square louvered gable vents are designed to be light weight and can be installed on surfaces that cannot handle a lot of weight.  They can be installed on a thin wall or even a door.  Louvered wall vents should be light weight if the framing is sparce.  In the case of using the contractor square louvered gable vent on a door, the door is almost always a light load item.  

Construction gable vents are of a construction grade or sometimes a lower grade to cut costs.  The final price of a job is determined by how much can be saved on labor and material.  contractor square louvered gable vents come with a standard nail fin and primed white.

If all you need is a white square gable vent, then you don't have to paint these as they are already white in color.